The great book of mobile- and crawler-cranes (Rudolf Becker)

The great book of mobile- and crawler-cranes (Rudolf Becker)

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The book: For the first time you will find collected in this book all technical aspects of mobile crane construction. If A like auxiliary hoist, H like hydraulic system or Z like ZF-transmission - it is the first book in the world that introduces into every single part of mobile crane construction. It is an absolute standard book for everybody who is concerned on mobile cranes, but also a tasty morsel for all interested amateurs. The uncontested competence of the author Dipl. Ing. Rudolf Becker guarantees a high carats book. * Quick search by large keyword index * Detailed content index * More than 450 partly colour pictures and detail illustrations * Reference to use practice * Almost 400 pages, 40 chapters * A great number of example calculations The author: Diplom-Ingenieur (FH) Rudolf Becker Rudolf Becker was born on February 4th 1929 and studied mechanical engineering at the "State Engineering college of Wuppertal". Havin successfully passed the state examination as mechanical engineer (new vocational designation Diplom-Ingenieur FH). 1953 he commenced his engineering and designing activity at the ORTLINGHAUS-Works in Remscheid. 1956 he started working as design engineer at the crane and excavator construction comapny GOTTWALD in Düsseldorf. 1964 he continued his proffesional activity at DEMAG-Bagger and Kran GmbH in Düsseldorf. His last professional station started 1971 as technical direktor and managing direkctor in Ehingen whre he participated importantly in the development of the LIEBHERR LG (LIEBHERR lattice boom cranes on tyres or crawlers) and LIEBHERR LT, LTM (LIEBHERR telescopic cranes for road use and all terrain cranes). 1994 he retired form active professional life of crane construction.